Great Lakes Intertribal Food Summit – Program

Here is the almost final program for the 2016 Great Lakes Intertribal Food Summit (click the link below).  We’re working on a few small updates before sending the printer, but here’s your first sneak peak.  Among the many highlights, we’re excited to feature

  • four seed keeping workshops by Rowen White and Clayton Brascoupe
  • a butchering workshop with both a bison and a churro lamb
  • conservation planning workshops from USDA’s Natural Resources Conservation Service and other great partners speaking on topics like climate change and soil health
  • food safety training
  • an international flavor with foods and presenters from Mexico and Peru/New Zealand
  • and, of course, an incredible menu from our amazing chef team that is traveling from across the country; we even have Julio Saqui joining us from Belize to teach traditional cacao processing

Summit Program


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